Blogging Income Reports From 18 Different Site Owners

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blogging income reports, Blogging Income Reports From 18 Different Site OwnersI’ve always enjoyed reading blogging income reports. Reading income and traffic reports from other site owners has helped keep me motivated through times when I’ve felt discouraged with my online business. 

There are entrepreneurs out there making big money from their blogs such as Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and Lindsay from Pinch of Yum. These bloggers have worked like rented mules to get where they are and I appreciate that they put their income out there for the world to see.

It’s encouraging for relative newbies like me to see what’s possible when you commit to blogging and treat it as a business.

It can also be tough to follow people like that. I mean, I’m at step 4 and they’re at step 33,948. Sometimes it’s tough to believe that I can achieve the kind of success that some top bloggers have.

Why I made this list of blogging income reportsblogging income reports, Blogging Income Reports From 18 Different Site Owners

There are thousands of hard-working bloggers out there making a decent, middle class living from their sites. There are even more who are just starting out and are earning just a few bucks.

That’s why I created this list. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for ‘normal blog income reports.’ Now, ‘normal income’ can mean very different things depending on where you’re at in life.

I have only included bloggers on this list that earn less than $25,000 per month on average.

You may be thinking: “That’s still a crap-ton of money!” And you’re right.

I don’t make nearly that kind of money at my day job. $25,000 is a crazy amount of monthly income, but I could realistically see myself getting there someday. To me, it feels more attainable than the mega-blogs that are ballin’ at $100,000 per month.

It took a bit of time to put this list together, obviously not all bloggers choose to post their income publicly. To those that do – thanks. It gives the rest of us an idea as to what’s possible and something to work towards.

All numbers are at the time of this writing (January 2016) and reflect the most recent income report on the site.

I will try and update this list regularly. Please let me know if you find any dead links!

18 Bloggers Who Post Monthly Income Reports

Extra Income Project Blogging, debt management, income strategy – $59

The Restless Worker – Lifestyle, blogging and travel – $66

Living Fully and Free Financial freedom and blogging – $71

My Blog Lift – Blogging, traffic strategy extra income – $87

The Outnumbered Mama – Working from home, parenting, disabilities – $596

Dumb Passive IncomeDumb Passive Income is all about blogging, niche sites, outsourcing etc – $643

AliRazaBlogging, freelancing, outsourcing – $905

The Budget Mom Life and finance, debt, budgeting – $924

The Frugal Millionaire Blog – Blogging, finance and budgeting – $1,763

Travel Blog Breakthrough – Traveling tips and stories – $1,875

The Endless Meal – Food, recipes, blogging tips $1,972

Arts & ClassyPersonal development, home projects, DIY – $2,198

Income Bully – Income Bully is a blog about marketing and web design – $2,222

Mint NotionTravel, frugal living, life hacks – $2,232

Kitchen SanctuaryCooking, recipes – $6,195

A Magical Mess Family, lifestyle and travel among other things – $6,727

Pulling Curls – Pregnancy, raising children, finances, cooking and recipes – $6,800

Millennial Money ManMMM is a no-nonsense approach to personal finance – $12,581

Matthew WoodwardSEO, blogging, conversion, email marketing, social media – $23,298

I have to admit, I’ve been a reader of Matthew Woodward’s blog for a long time. He’s taught me a lot of what I needed to start this blog and since he’s kicking ass in the income department, he get’s the top spot.

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I’ve had a couple of bloggers reach out and ask if they could be included in this list. I’m happy to oblige. If you’re making income from your site and would like me to add you don’t hesitate to reach out!


Passive Income Wise – Personal finance, passive income and blogging. – $1,116

I’ve spent some time on each one of these blogs and I’m confident that they’re all going to keep growing and seeing results on their blogging income reports.

All of these bloggers represent what’s possible when you work hard and commit to your site. They’ve all chosen to treat their site as a business rather than a hobby and the results speak for themselves.

Question for you:

Do you do a monthly income report?

Leave a link in the comments, I’d love to check it out.

blogging income reports, Blogging Income Reports From 18 Different Site Owners

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19 thoughts on “Blogging Income Reports From 18 Different Site Owners”

    • I’ll happily add you as a bonus to the list. Thanks for reaching out Francisco. I’ve actually been to your blog a few times. I don’t know how our slipped through the cracks and didnt make in on here originally.

  1. Hello Mike, first time commenting on your blog.

    You have put together a really cool list to look up and follow.

    I did an income report a few years ago and it was cool. I started my blog again this year and hope to share some income reports in the future.

    Yes I am earning some good money online by various sources, will have to see how to find a good way to present it. Thanks

  2. Mike,

    Thank you so much for including me on this list! I too have been inspired to create a similar list that has “normal” bloggers who provide a more realistic view of what you can expect to be making when you first start out. I’ll be sure to include you on my list as soon as it’s up and running!


  3. Thanks for the inclusion Mike, it’s an honour to appear on lists like this. Keep up the great work on your own site and feel free to keep in touch. It’s great to work with other bloggers.

  4. Hey Mike,

    Nice article. This is very encouraging to those of us (like me) just starting out. I hope to grow my own site over the next few years to have a decent side income rolling in! Feel free to check out my new blog if you get time – It’s a personal finance / financial independence focused blog. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for stopping by. It looks like your reports are based on net worth/investing. This list focuses specifically on bloggers who are earning from their sites. I’m interested in what you’re doing though…your net worth is impressive!


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