9 Side Hustles That Have Made Me Money

Best side hustles for extra cash

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As the things around us become more and more expensive, many people rely on side hustle income to make ends meet. Real estate has gone up more than 20% in my area in the last few years. In that time, wages rose maybe 1-2%. And don’t get me started on the price of gas…

The thing is, ‘Side Hustle’ has reached buzz word status and there’s a metric crap-ton of information out there right now about how to make extra money. For those just getting started, trying to figure out how to make some legit extra cash can be more confusing than foreign rap music.

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How To Automate Your Finances To Help You Save Money

Budgeting With multiple bank accounts

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For most people, the hardest part of achieving any goal is staying committed to it. Whether you’re trying to pay down debt, save money, lose weight, learn a new skill or something else, you can only succeed if stick with it over the long-term.

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Why I Finally Bought A New (To Me) Car

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Over the last ten years, I have driven pieces of crap almost exclusively. I’ve had a few Geo Metros, a Ford Festiva, a scooter and a 30 year old motorcycle to name a few. Naturally, we’ve always made sure that we have one good vehicle for my wife to drive but couldn’t ever justify buying myself something decent for just a brief commute to work.

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26 Budget Hacks To Keep Your Finances On Track

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Getting your family on a budget can be really hard. Keeping your family on a budget is even harder! Over the years I’ve learned lots of budget hacks to help my family stay on track.

This blog is all about helping parents win with their money by getting out of debt and saving their cash. Below are some of the best budget hacks that I know of. Some of these tips are things that we do in our household and some are things that our friends to to stay on budget.

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Where I Found An Extra $718.05 This Week


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As a personal finance nerd, I get pretty excited when I have a big money win. This week I had a major win, I found $718.05 that I didn’t know I had!

My first thought – I need to tell my wife about this.

My second thought – I need to write a post about this.

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The One Thing You Should Start Saving For Today…

saving for christmas

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Effective personal finance is all about being prepared right?

We need to be prepared for a layoff, prepared for a major home expense that pops up out of nowhere. If I bail while snowboarding (trying to keep up with friends who are way better than me), I need to be prepared if I’m off work for a month healing.

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5 Common Pieces Of Crappy Financial Advice

bad financial advice

Everybody receives financial advice.

Most of us don’t ask for it, but well-intentioned people offer it up anyways. Some of it is helpful. Maybe a wise parent or grandparent taught you to start investing for retirement from your first paycheck or keep an emergency fund. Much of the financial advice that has come my way however, has been less than useful.

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12 Tips For A Budget Kitchen Remodel – (How We Saved Over $10k)

budget kitchen remodel

If you read my post from earlier this week, you know that my family did an ‘unwelcome’ budget kitchen remodel last month due to a leaking dishwasher.

In December, our daughter fell on our open dishwasher lid and broke the machine. I decided to save some cash and buy used – a mistake I will never make again. The used machine that I installed had a slow leak that went undetected for several months until it had completely soaked our subfloor, meaning that we had to completely gut our kitchen.

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11 Financial Habits I Wish I’d Started In My 20s

Financial Habits To Start Early

I wish I had…

It’s a sad statement that every one of us has said or thought at some point. Most of us could finish that sentence a dozen different ways.

The truth is, we all live with regret. Maybe your regrets are about money, many of mine are. I can think of a dozen things I wish I’d started doing 15 years ago.

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Why I Started This Blog

Blogging is fricken hard.

Not hard as in it will make you break a sweat, but time-consuming, soul sucking hard.

If you have a blog of your own, you probably know what I mean.

It’s not enough to write posts and put them up. If you want your blog to grow, you need to be engaged on social media. You need to engage in the comments discussions on other blogs, keep on top of SEO, backlinking, networking, site security, design, email list blah blah blah.

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