6 Ways To Live Mortgage Free

ways to live mortgage free

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Let’s face it, for most of us, our mortgage (or rent) is likely the most expensive thing that we pay for every month. To live mortgage free is the dream for many of us slowly chipping away at our home loans.

It is possible, and many people are doing it. I decided to research some of the best ways to live mortgage (or rent)-free or at a reduced cost, and compile my findings into one great resource. Some of these suggestions are for places you could live while you rent out your home to cover the mortgage.

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How We Paid Off $29,500 In 2016!

How We Paid Off Debt

This week’s post is by Jamie Griffin. Jamie Griffin is a Middle School Teacher and Blogger who runs the site MrJamieGriffin.com. He and his wife are working hard to pay off their student loans and teach others how to Do Money Differently.

My wife Jenna and I started our plan to aggressively pay off our student loans in 2013. Since then we have paid off nearly all of our debt, increasing our total amount paid every year. It has been a long road, and while the end is in sight, I want to reflect a little on how we got this far. I know that most people reflect sometime in January, but March is still pretty early in the year right? Better late than never! In 2016, we had our biggest year of debt crushing, paying off a crazy $29,586.55!!! Looking back at our year in review, I will show you how we did it.

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How To Get Out Of A Car Loan

how to get out of a car loan

The day you financed your new car, it probably felt like a great idea.

Do you remember the new car smell? That was probably part of what drew you in. That mixed with a savvy salesman and the alluring idea of years of maintenance-free driving.

Trust me, that euphoric ‘new car’ feeling wears off after a few months, and making a car payment becomes a chore. In 2008 I financed a brand new Ford Ranger; It took about 5 months before my truck was scratched up and I deeply regretted that decision.

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8 Good Reasons Not To Buy A New Car

reasons not to buy a new car

So here you are, seriously considering purchasing a brand new vehicle. The truth is, you’re probably already looking at new cars. You may even be planning to buy one shortly.

You probably have a lot of friends that drive new vehicles. You’ve been in them. They’re comfortable, classy, sexy and probably destroying your friend’s finances for the foreseeable future.

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