Why I Disappeared For Two Months

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If you’re a regular reader of NB, you will have noticed that I have not put any new content up on this site for about two months now. Two months is a long time to let my site just sit with no effort, no new content, nothing. In blogging, this is a major no-no.

So why would I just disappear without a trace?

In January, a small spot appeared on our carpet right where our kitchen meets our dining room (carpeted dining room – gross I know). It was slightly damp but there was no water anywhere around and we figured (as parents typically do), that our kids had spilled something nasty.

Over the next few weeks the spot persisted. We tried cleaning it up a few times with hot water, spot cleaner and other things. Life was busy and we don’t have a ton of time or energy right now. Frankly, we ignored it.

April came around and one sunny weekend I decided that I was going to tackle the mystery stain. I went down to our local hardware store and rented a carpet cleaning machine. I went over the spot time and time again thinking that this would be the end of it.

After I had finished I was standing in our kitchen drinking a congratulatory beer and thinking about what a great job I had done. I started thinking about the spot. Why was it wet? It didn’t make sense for any type of stain (except maybe oil) to stay damp for that long. I started scanning our kitchen for sources of water and my eyes landed on our dishwasher.

My heart sank.

I reached my hand in beside the machine and it was soaked. Our dishwasher had been leaking, and we had no idea for how long. I pulled the machine out and confirmed the worst. Our subfloor (both layers) was soaked. The machine was sitting directly on the subfloor with no flooring beneath. The water had run out of the machine, onto the subfloor and beneath our linoleum. It had crossed the kitchen and was showing on the carpet in our dining room.

This was only a couple of days before I had to travel to Chicago for work. When I returned I started in on what would be a major renovation. If you’ve ever done this type of thing, you know that it’s rarely as simple as just doing the kitchen floor or cabinets. If you’re going to tear your home apart, you want to take care of all the little things that have been bothering you.

I have learned a lot through this process and there’s more to come in a future post. Budgeting materials, hiring professionals, paying friends in pizza, beer and favors to be cashed in at a later date…it was quite an experience. I worked a lot of 18 hour days during the renovation and I just couldn’t find time to do any content creation which really sucked for me. I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into this site for months and it stung to just leave it hanging but my family and home must come first.

I saved a ton of money on my renovation and have started writing some posts about home improvements based on this experience. I’m back to my regular Sunday evening posting schedule this week and look forward to connecting with my audience again.

Thanks for being here, I truly appreciate it.

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  1. Yikes! I’m sorry to hear about that. Something like that is my worst nightmare as a homeowner. Kudos to you for taking care of business and saving money along the wa. I look forward to hearing more about your home improvement adventure. Welcome back!


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