How To Negotiate On Craigslist

how to negotiate on craigslist

Living on a budget is what I’m all about. One of the cornerstones of living on a budget is buying things on the used market rather than buying new. There are a few things that should always be purchased new: toothbrushes, underwear and sandwiches are a few examples.

For most other things, you can get a way better deal on the used market, and there’s no better used market for most things than Craigslist. Learning how to negotiate on Craigslist is relatively easy. Most people are willing to be bargained with if you’re respectful and informed.

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How To Deal With Unexpected Expenses

how to deal with unexpected expenses

As a relatively new homeowner, I’m still learning how to deal with unexpected expenses of the residential variety. Home ownership brings with it a higher level of financial risk than most other things.

Yesterday, I came home to a leaking hot water heater. I’ve been looking at the thing since we bought our house two years ago, knowing that it was well past it’s life expectancy. Somehow, I was still caught off guard when it started leaking last night.

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8 Good Reasons Not To Buy A New Car

reasons not to buy a new car

So here you are, seriously considering purchasing a brand new vehicle. The truth is, you’re probably already looking at new cars. You may even be planning to buy one shortly.

You probably have a lot of friends that drive new vehicles. You’ve been in them. They’re comfortable, classy, sexy and probably destroying your friend’s finances for the foreseeable future.

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25 Things You Should NEVER Pay Full Price For


Things you should never pay full price for

Who doesn’t love a good deal? In this post, I’m going to show you how to save hundreds of dollars per month on things that you already buy. Do you ever think about how many times in a week you just whip out your credit card and pay what a store is asking?

Do you realize you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars per month?

I’m always on the hunt for a good deal, I guess you could say it’s in my blood. My father is a salesperson’s worst nightmare.

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How To Get Your Dream Rental Home

How to find your dream rental home

The backwards way of getting your dream rental

I’ts likely that you’ve experienced this. You go and check out a rental suite or house and it’s the perfect place. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for right down to the last detail, your dream rental. You love it, and so does your spouse. You can already picture how your stuff will fit into the space!

Excitedly, you fill out an application. Of course it won’t be the only application that they get, but why wouldn’t they choose you? You’re awesome, any landlord would be lucky to have you as a tenant!

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