How To Negotiate The Best Deal On Craigslist

how to negotiate on craigslistDo you like to buy things used to save money? Keep reading to learn how to negotiate on Craigslist.

Living on a budget is what I’m all about. One of the cornerstones of living on a budget is buying things on the used market rather than buying new.

Of course you can’t buy everything used. There are a few things that should always be purchased new – toothbrushes, underwear and sandwiches are a few examples.

For most other things, you can get a way better deal on the used market, and there’s no better used market for most things than Craigslist. Learning how to negotiate a deal on Craigslist is relatively easy. Most people are willing to be bargained with if you’re respectful and informed.

Keep ReadingHow To Negotiate The Best Deal On Craigslist