How I Went From Truck Driver To Digital Marketer In Six Months

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How To Become A Digital MarketerI was 21 years old when I first got my commercial license and started driving trucks. Over the next decade I progressed through a few different companies and by the end was making an awesome hourly wage. I had an 11 year career and really did enjoy it for the most part. Most of that decade was spent operating crane trucks and driving a tractor and lowboy moving heavy equipment. The picture at the top of this post is my old truck loaded up in 2016.

Most of my time driving was spent in the excavating industry. If you know anything about construction, you know that in most areas, it’s feast or famine. There were long hours and hard days when there was work, and quick layoffs when the work dried up.

By early 2016, I was a father of three and was getting tired of the unpredictability and frequent layoffs. I was getting serious about my finances and wanted a more predictable income to help me achieve my financial goals. I wanted stability and I knew it was time for a change.

Dabbling In Digital Marketing

Over the last five years I have started several websites. Along the way I learned a lot about digital marketing and promotion. I don’t have any formal marketing education, I’m completely self-taught. There were some successes – I used to own an electric car conversion site that turned a small profit, but there were a lot of failures.

Late in 2015 I came across an interesting episode of the Side Hustle Nation podcast. The interviewee in this episode was completely self-taught in digital marketing, yet he had started his own marketing business. Not only did he start a company, but he was very successful. He moved his family to Mexico and worked remotely. I decided that if he could do it, so could I.

A week later I bought a domain name and started a digital marketing company. I had no idea who to target, what services I would offer or how I would price them. I did however, know more than most about SEO, social media and promotion. After about a month of not much action I got a call from a friend; the company he worked for was interested in hiring a Marketing Coordinator.

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I’ll spare you all of the details but I did some work for the company for free to prove my competence. Later that year, I was offered a job with an amazing starting salary, benefits and vacation time. It was an unbelievable opportunity!

I have now been there for 10 months and I’m very happy. I have had to go miles outside of my comfort zone and learn things I never planned on including how to run a print ad campaign and plan for trade shows.

The Main Takeaway

Why am I telling you all of this? I want my readers to understand that though it wasn’t what I originally thought I wanted, this opportunity has been amazing. I didn’t get to be the overnight internet marketing success that I naively thought I might, but I kept moving forward and took action. That action eventually lead to an opportunity that I would never have found otherwise.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve in your life, you can do it. It might feel like you’re miles away from being out of debt, I know how that feels. In 2014 I made my last ever student loan payment. It might feel like you’ll never be able to get ahead of your finances, buy a home, own your car or change careers. I want to show you how far I’ve come so that you can see what’s possible when you keep moving forward, keep pushing ahead with steady, consistent effort. Eventually you start to build momentum and it becomes really hard to stop you.

Keep moving forward. You don’t know what opportunities are going to present themselves. You just might fall into a completely new career!

Question for you:

Have you ever made a major career change? How did you do it?

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7 thoughts on “How I Went From Truck Driver To Digital Marketer In Six Months”

  1. What a great career switch! It’s great to hear you’ve found something that you’re obviously so passionate about. It doesn’t hurt to make a decent living at it as well. The best part about your job is that you can apply it to your own side-hustles…:)

  2. Great article! That was very inspiring, and certainly a great story to read. There is a small typo under “The Main Takeaway”. Though instead of thought? Just though I’d let you know. Still, fantastic article and certainly worth the read. I’ll be retweeting!

  3. It’s funny where life will take you, but I think we all go through a maturation process. With us fellas family life seems to often be the impetus for change for the better! Having been on both sides of the interview table now, I can say that the ability (and humility) to be a lifelong learner is worth more than most anything else.

    My wife graduated with an early childhood degree and I graduated with an English degree. She’s an Analyst and I am an IT Manager. Go figure.

    Appreciate the candid take on your career change! I think a valuable lesson for my younger self would be that it’s okay to change when it comes to careers. Articles like this show it can happen.

    • Thanks for the kind words Denver, it is appreciated!

      Life does take us funny places. I actually started out as a mechanic and just grabbed opportunities as they came my way. Another year and I hope to be running this site full time!

  4. Hey Mike,
    What a great achievement. After reading your post i become speechless. You are the source of great inspiration for the newbie who is just entered in the field of digital marketing.


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