Why I Started This Blog

Blogging is fricken hard.

Not hard as in it will make you break a sweat, but time-consuming, soul sucking hard.

If you have a blog of your own, you probably know what I mean.

It’s not enough to write posts and put them up. If you want your blog to grow, you need to be engaged on social media. You need to engage in the comments discussions on other blogs, keep on top of SEO, backlinking, networking, site security, design, email list blah blah blah.

Suffice to say, it’s a lot of work. For me, it’s worth it. NinjaBudgeter is a business, and I’m in it for the long-haul. I’m committed to my goal of making this site a top-player in the personal finance space.

To be fair, I’ve done this before. Not only do I work as a full-time digital marketer for a local tech firm, I have also been blogging on and off since 2011.

My first blog was a combination of funny posts and ramblings about my life. More recently, I had a site that documented my first electric car conversion. That site did incredibly well. It ranked for some fairly competitive keywords and I made some money off of it both from an affiliate product, and AdSense.

I’m getting more and more savvy with this stuff as time goes on. And one thing I’ve learned is that I don’t want to do all of the writing myself anymore. Writing is incredibly time-consuming and although I love it, I also want to add some other voices to my message.

Guest posting on other blogs is a great way to get my name out, and I’ve done a bit of that since I started this site. You can check out my most recent guest post on Millennial Money Man here. Allowing guest posts on my blog is awesome too as it can get you some great content for free, and gives some exposure to a newer blogger.

My First Guest Post Submission

Last week I received a promising email from another blogger asking to guest post on this site. I told them that I’d love to see what this person had and waited for the article to be sent over. I was stoked. Not only because I wanted to see the post, but also because somebody found me and reached out to me. It felt good.

A few days later, an article showed up in my email. I was pretty excited as this would be my first guest post on this blog. I opened it up and was disappointed, the post was all about how to get a loan with bad credit.

Not only was the article all about how to get a loan with bad credit, it included what in my opinion was some truly terrible advice. Co-signing, unsecured loans, and borrowing from family and friends, it was all there as advice to people who have mysteriously found themselves with a low credit score.

Now, if you’ve spent more than thirty seconds on my site, you’ll know that I like debt the same way I like stepping on lego barefoot at 2am. Debt has stolen a decade of my life. A decade that I could have been thriving financially. A decade that I could have used to set up not only my financial future, but my children’s as well.

Needless to say, I rejected the post outright. I told them that it just wasn’t a fit for my audience.

Truthfully, it kind of sucked. I was really excited to have my first guest post on this site, but I’m sticking to my guns. This message encouraging others to consider a debt-free existence matters. It matters enough that I’m simply not willing to consider diluting it with messages that don’t align with mine.

My Message Is Important

It got me thinking, all of us debt-free, frugal-living, budget-until-it-hurts types who have a platform; we all have a responsibility to spread this message as far as we can. We know how much debt bogs a person down and deprives us of opportunity. I’m writing this extra post this week so that I can get a few more eyes on this idea:


Living debt-free opens up options that you will never have otherwise. People that don’t carry debt can travel. Those who don’t have car loans, television loans, appliance loans, renovation loans etc. have the flexibility to choose where they live and how they live. Those who choose to live in debt will always have the bondage of a minimum payment.

That’s not my message. That’s not why I’m here. I’m telling you that there’s more out there, I’ve experienced the freedom of debt-free living and I want that for you.

Everything that I post on this blog will be to help you get closer to that goal. You have my word.

4 thoughts on “Why I Started This Blog

  1. Very encouraging post! I agree we have to use our platform and educate people. So many people have no idea and the thing being financially independent is just not obtainable. Can’t wait to read more posts!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with all of this. Blogging isn’t easy but it’s also very rewarding, isn’t it? I have quite a few people asking to guest post on my site. I generally say no just because my site is really intertwined with my backstory. Much similar to your situation by the sound of it, debt has robbed me of so much and caused me so much stress. I found many of the people who were asking (when you do a bit of research) are peddling loans of some sort. I’ve allowed one guest post in nearly 18 months. That was a blogger who I built up a relationship with and I approached her. Good on you for standing by your morals.

    I’d LOVE to see that electric car conversion site. I can imagine you could make some serious cash by creating an eBook or a course on how to do the same!

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