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  • Smart Money Habits for Beginner Entrepreneurs
    Not everyone is designed to work a typical 9-5. And this desire to break out of being under a corporation usually pushes people to start a business and become their own boss. Beginner entrepreneurs need to be smart and strategic in order to survive in the real world. Only 56% of small businesses make it to 5-years, … Keep Reading
  • A coronavirus Thought Experiment #10
    Background Like many of the readers on this site I’ve spent the vast majority of my time on my fire journey lurking and reading instead of creating content, so it should come as no surprise that I have a few blogs that I read for ideas, inspiration, and to learn. Personally I prefer the smaller … Keep Reading
  • Cooking Your Own Food for Big Savings
    Why Everyone Should Cook This should be a no brainer and probably shouldn’t need so much attention but unfortunately, it does. This is arguably the simplest and most implementable of all the saving strategies. However, the population of the United States continues to cook less, eat out more, and overspend on food as a whole, … Keep Reading
  • An Introduction to the 3 Fund Portfolio
    VTSAX is my favorite investment vehicle. Whenever a friend or coworkers asks how to get started investing in stocks, the first piece of advice I will typically give is “put your money in VTSAX!” This is a pretty common piece of advice in the investing community. This advice is widespread because it’s good advice for … Keep Reading
  • How to Embrace Frugal Living
    Living Frugally isn’t easy. However, if you are truly determined to make the switch, you are sure to find it rewarding! You’re going to have to cut back on expenses, move some money around, and acclimate to a different “normal.” Take it slow, make baby steps, and never doubt your progress. Have patience with both … Keep Reading
  • Living In An RV in 2020 – Save Money And Crush Debt
    There are lots of reasons to consider living in an RV. The best one in my opinion, is that it’s CHEAP. If you have a lot of debt to pay off, or want to save up some big money (cough…down payment…cough) you should consider living in a camper. RV living can save you hundreds of … Keep Reading
  • Tangerine Review 2020 – Best Online Bank In Canada?
    Tangerine is Canada’s most prominent online bank. They offer great interest rates, an unmatched cash-back Mastercard as well as a host of other financial products. The only thing…
  • EQ Bank Review 2020 – The Best High-Interest Savings Account In Canada?
    If saving more money is on your to-do list for 2020, you should consider opening a high interest savings account with EQ Bank. With an established reputation, and one of the highest interest rates available, EQ Bank is a solid option to grow your savings. What is EQ Bank?   If you’re like me, you … Keep Reading
  • 15 Smart Money Moves For Canadians To Make During The Coronavirus Outbreak
    I’ll start by saying this – Covid-19 and the broad shutdown of not only businesses, but entire industries is an unprecedented financial disaster for many people. While we are lucky that our government is scrambling to get programs in place to help ensure that the impact on people is not as catastrophic, this is going … Keep Reading

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