How I Went From Truck Driver To Digital Marketer In Six Months

How To Become A Digital Marketer

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I was 21 years old when I first got my commercial license and started driving trucks. Over the next decade I progressed through a few different companies and by the end was making an awesome hourly wage. I had an 11 year career and really did enjoy it for the most part. Most of that decade was spent operating crane trucks and driving a tractor and lowboy moving heavy equipment. The picture at the top of this post is my old truck loaded up in 2016.

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26 Budget Hacks To Keep Your Finances On Track

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Getting your family on a budget can be really hard. Keeping your family on a budget is even harder! Over the years I’ve learned lots of budget hacks to help my family stay on track.

This blog is all about helping parents win with their money by getting out of debt and saving their cash. Below are some of the best budget hacks that I know of. Some of these tips are things that we do in our household and some are things that our friends to to stay on budget.

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Where I Found An Extra $718.05 This Week


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As a personal finance nerd, I get pretty excited when I have a big money win. This week I had a major win, I found $718.05 that I didn’t know I had!

My first thought – I need to tell my wife about this.

My second thought – I need to write a post about this.

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The One Thing You Should Start Saving For Today…

saving for christmas

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Effective personal finance is all about being prepared right?

We need to be prepared for a layoff, prepared for a major home expense that pops up out of nowhere. If I bail while snowboarding (trying to keep up with friends who are way better than me), I need to be prepared if I’m off work for a month healing.

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How I Made $10,000 Selling Appliances On Craigslist


how to make cash on craigslist

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Anybody can make money on Craigslist in 2017. Whether you’re an expert in antiques, know how to refinish furniture, or you’re into flipping cars, there’s money to be made. Even if you’re not into buying and selling items, Craigslist always has a few labor gigs that you can pick up to make some extra cash.

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Why I Don’t Care About My Credit Score

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I wanted a credit card SOOO bad.

At 18 years old, I was flat broke and living in a friend’s basement. For the life of me, I can’t recall how I justified applying for a credit card when I had no money. I’m sure that I just thought this is what responsible adults do. I remember sitting in the living room and filling out my first credit application. It was a Mastercard of some sort.

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5 Common Pieces Of Crappy Financial Advice

bad financial advice

Everybody receives financial advice.

Most of us don’t ask for it, but well-intentioned people offer it up anyways. Some of it is helpful. Maybe a wise parent or grandparent taught you to start investing for retirement from your first paycheck or keep an emergency fund. Much of the financial advice that has come my way however, has been less than useful.

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How To Make $500 Fast – 15 Ways To Make Extra Cash This Week

how to make $500 fast

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve had to figure out how to make $500 fast. Or maybe for you it was $100, or $1000. Quick cash isn’t going to set you down the road to lock-term financial success, but it might be just what you need to get out of a bind.

The problem isn’t that you’re lazy, it’s that you just need a great idea to get you off to a head start. Every idea I’ve included here has been used by my or somebody I know to generate quick cash. This isn’t an exhaustive list, these are simply the best ways I know of to make fast cash to get out of a financial bind.

You have the work ethic so strap on your steel toes and lets get you some cash!

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12 Tips For A Budget Kitchen Remodel – (How We Saved Over $10k)

budget kitchen remodel

If you read my post from earlier this week, you know that my family did an ‘unwelcome’ budget kitchen remodel last month due to a leaking dishwasher.

In December, our daughter fell on our open dishwasher lid and broke the machine. I decided to save some cash and buy used – a mistake I will never make again. The used machine that I installed had a slow leak that went undetected for several months until it had completely soaked our subfloor, meaning that we had to completely gut our kitchen.

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Why I Disappeared For Two Months

If you’re a regular reader of NB, you will have noticed that I have not put any new content up on this site for about two months now. Two months is a long time to let my site just sit with no effort, no new content, nothing. In blogging, this is a major no-no. So … Read more